2020 W.A.L.L.S. Community Participation

W.A.L.L.S. Golf Outing

On June 9th, 2020, three Brothers from CFF participated in the W.A.L.L.S. Golf Outing at Cool Lake Golf Course in Lebanon, IN. All proceeds benefit W.A.L.L.S. (Working Adults Learning Lifelong Skills Inc.), a life skills workshop for adults with disabilities. W.A.L.L.S. is a place where adults at any skill level can grow educationally, mentally, and socially, while achieving a sense of self-worth.

Pictured (left to right) is Tim Jennings, Paul Schneider, Lanny Knox and Mitch Allen.

Lanny Knox and Paul Schneider sitting in a very wet golf cart.

Paul Schneider with his putter.

W.A.L.L.S. 5k Walk/Marathon

On April 13th, CFF participated in the W.A.L.L.S. 5k Walk/Marathon. 

Pictured (left to right) is Lanny Knox, Mitch Allen, Jeff Morris. 

Not Pictured is Nolan Keck and Paul Schneider.

Paul Schneider participated in the 5k Walk/Marathon

Mitch Allen and Jeff Morris handed out water bottles to the participants.