Worshipful Master's Trestle Board

                Charles F. Frank Lodge continues to strive to grow as a model of Masonic excellence, a brotherhood committed to living the sublime tenets of our ancient Craft.  We honor and serve our Creator, labor daily to live as upright and moral men, function productively within our society, and enjoy all of this in a spirit of friendship and fellowship.


                We have had a productive year to date, highlighted by the advancement of several new brothers through the lessons of our Craft.  In this, the 200th year of Freemasonry in the State of Indiana, we have been able to travel to the famous Schofield House in Madison, Indiana – the site of the origin of the Indiana Grand Lodge – and conduct degree work in that special place.  It may be possible for us to arrange yet another trip this year!


                As summer begins its transition to fall, we look forward to an even busier period in our Lodge, with more degree work anticipated, several community events in planning, and regularly scheduled activities.


                We meet on the second Thursday of each month for our Stated Meeting, and again on the fourth Thursday of each month for an evening of Masonic Education, at which we focus on developing a deeper understanding of the more profound lessons of Masonry.  We typically have people at the Lodge on the other Thursday evenings as well, working on various functions and lessons.  (See the calendar for specific dates and times!)


                We take pride in our attention to our Masonic Craft, but look forward always to growing and improving in all areas.  We are, and will continue to be, a strong and dynamic Lodge, dedicated to helping each other grow as spiritual, moral, and civil men, remaining always eager to welcome new members into our ranks.


                I hope to see you soon!




Bill Meyers

Worshipful Master