Fourth Annual Black Walnut Harvest

The Fourth Annual Black Walnut Harvest has concluded. Check back later for more information on future harvests!

    Do you have Black Walnuts trees around your house? Do you know neighbors that have walnuts coming out of their ears? Charles F. Frank Masonic Lodge is proud to support the Fourth Annual Black Walnut Harvest.

    From August to October 2018, Lodge members will be happy to come out to your house, show you how to pick up walnuts (no bending over or stained hands required!) and give you containers to put the walnuts in. When these are full, brothers will come to your house on Sunday and pick these up, at no charge to you.

    These walnuts will be sold to the Hammond Nut Corporation, where they will be hulled and dried, and prepared for resale to the public. The proceeds from the Harvest will be donated to charity.

Contact Senior Warden Mitch Allen at (317)-437-4742 for details!